Fountains found in the open are exposed to low temperatures during the autumn and winter months. When the cold season arrives, we find it convenient to remember some maintenance warnings in the range of fountain taps.

First of all, it should be noted that when an anomaly in its operation is detected, it is important to act as soon as possible to avoid further damages. Any irregularities or failures can be caused by impurities or dirt residues that have been left into the pipes.

However, it is best to perform preventive maintenance to prevent these problems.

Protection against ice is the key

Ice is a great enemy of taps located in outdoor spaces. Therefore, once the season ends, it is advisable to empty the pipes.

Then, the push button must be operated several times.

When the flow adjustment wants to be changed, it will be necessary to take the head out of the tap.

Contingencies with taps and solutions

In addition to everything mentioned above, there are other causes that could cause problems in the operation of taps for fountains. Therefore, every user must know how to act depending on the type of breakdown that occurs.

If the tap does not close, the cleanliness of the closing joint should be checked. Another possibility is that the unclogger spring has been disassembled. In that case it is enough to mount again, pressing and turning it at the same time in the counterclockwise direction.

But if the tap closes too quickly, the part that will require a check is the piston gasket. It is also likely that the spring has been damaged.

Equipamiento de playas, tarea postvacacional de ayuntamientos

Below we leave 2 downloadable PDFs with the step by step to regulate the maintenance of the flow adjustment device and the technical sheet of the tap in case of repair:

Technical Data Sheet Fountain Tap Button
Maintenance Flow Disp. Button

Before any incident occurs with fountain taps, be sure to follow all these recommendations to ensure their proper maintenance.