Our company, Grup Fábregas, is specialized in urban equipment in composite materials. Thus, in addition to the civil works products of ductile smelting and equipment for urban spaces (wooden benches and other materials for the construction of parks and gardens) a division of our company is responsible for the manufacture of grates and manhole covers in composite materials. This is the Fabrekompo family from our catalog. This family of products is characterized by using a mixture of thermostable resins and tissues of reinforcement, always under the strict compliance with the standarts UNE-EN 124-1:2015 and UNE-EN 124-5:2015. In this way, they are particularly resistant to the passage of time, humid environments and pollution in general.

Fabrekompo Catalog: equipment in composite materials

Scupper grates

Their measures are of 550 by 450 millimiters (length and weight) and a heigth of 70. For its part, the dimension of step is 300 milímetros,which is divided in X and Y.

Grates with channels

In this product we give you the option to choose between channel and grate of composite KPF-U-150-P and KPF-U-200-P, made in polyethylene and polidamia reinforced with fiberglass.

Hydraulic manhole covers

They exist up to six categories of hydraulic manhole covers, all manufactured in composite: D-17 KP-D-17-D400, D-18 KP-D-18, D-18 KP-D-18-C250, D-18 KP-D-18-D400, 40×40 KPF-D-15-S and 45 KPF-D-15 of square type.

Each one has different measures, from the 760 millimetres of length and width, up to the 446.

Registry manhole covers and rings

Finally, the manhole covers with their corresponding registry rings are divided in KPF-B-8DU-D400, KP-R-1 and KP-R-2.

In short, all of our products are manufactured to withstand both the temporary inclemencies and the possible corrosive effects that may contain the sewage water system. For this purpose, they are made with fiberglass, carbon, boron, ceramics, polidamia and polyethylene. We also develop telephony and communication manhole covers.

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