In other articles we have been able to talk about the relevance of bike lanes in all our cities. Riding a bike to certain places can be a healthy and economical improvement. For this reason, if we take into account that more and more green spaces and ecological transport solutions are being further enhanced, we will address the theme of bike lanes and their typologies.

What types of bike lanes exist

From a more technical point of view, there are different types of bike lanes, among which we highlight the following ones:

  • Reserved ways. They are the paths that allow the circulation of bicycles, in addition to the circulation of pedestrians. They belong to this type the greenways and the bike paths that pass through parks and gardens.
  • Bike lanes. They are the one we know the most and also they are divided into several different typologies. We can find them in a bidirectional or unidirectional way in the driveways and also unidirectional and bidirectional on the sidewalk. These are the routes which combines the pedestrian with the bicycles and motor vehicles crossings.
  • Cycle paths. We can find pedestrian areas with a unique platform in which which traffic conditions are restricted pedestrians. On the other hand, we also find bike streets in which car traffic has the maximum speed limited to 30 km/h.
Bike lanes

In Grup Fábregas we provide the necessary solutions and perform the installation of bike lanes and all its elements so that safety is paramount when it comes to circulating theses spaces.

In some of our projects you can see how we have made the installation of bike lane in cities such as Barcelona or Santiago de Chile.

To request more information about the bike lanes, please contact Grup Fábregas and we will assist and advice you personally.