According to the latest studies, the biohealthy circuits delay brain aging and have other health benefits for people.

These circuits -recommended especially for the elderly- are spaces located in parks and residential areas. They are designed for physical exercise. In addition, they manage not only to extend expectancy, but also the quality of life of people.

How has this conclusion been reached? We tell you in this article.

Scientific advances show the benefit of the biohealthy

A team of researchers in Canada has shown that elderly people who have a more active lifestyle and perform physical exercise have a larger brain.

Apparently, the volume occupied by the brain is closely linked to its aging.

Over all, the results show the difference between the elderly with a sedentary life and those who lead an active life. The latter have on average the brain 12 cubic centimeters larger, which is equivalent to four years of life.

The biohealthy circuits delay brain aging

Although the data can be shocking, they are actually very positive, as they point out that a person has the ability to delay their aging with a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Among all the ways to increase the physical activity, the biohealthy circuits are the the most recommended option for seniors because they have the following health benefits:

  • They improve coordination, muscle strenght and different brain functions (motor skills, senses, etc.)

  • They increase joint mobility

    They have no risk of sudden movements or impact that can cause injury

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