As the time goes on, we see a greater increase in the use of composite materials in various sectors of society. In addition, it is an increase that is seen on a global scale. Between this type of materials, we find the composites and the rubber or spring foundations.

In Grup Fabregas we explain to you everything you need to know about this type of materials.

The composite materials: all advantages

We can explain what composite materials are in this way: it is the union of concrete materials that together meet specific properties that offer advantages in different urban uses.

The advantages we talk about if we refer to composite materials are the following ones:

  • They are very light materials. This aspect implies greater ease of transport, manipulation and assembly.
  • They are anticorrosive. When working in high-humidity or coastal areas, this type of materials are ideal.
  • It offers superior specific qualities in terms of traction, flexion, compression and impact. As they are very moldable materials, they can be printed in complex shapes. They support matte finishes, rough, satin, etc.
  • They are washable with rain. They are the ideal material for facades, parks and exterior architectural elements.
  • They have low thermal conductivity and they are fire resistant.
The composite materials: all advantages

In general, this type of composite material offers even more advantages than we mentioned. They are characterized as quality materials and they have a long useful life for constructions.

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