When we are facing the need to perform any work of conditioning of pedestrian transit areas or traffic, we need to take into account certain European standards in force. For this type of works it is required of coverage materials that comply with the standard UNE EN 124, which establishes the requirements for the quality of the products, projects and work carried out by any company.

The UNE-EN124 standard, synonymous with quality

The UNE EN 124 standard applies to “Devices of coverage and closing for circulation areas used by pedestrians and vehicles. Principles of construction, type tests, marking, quality control.” as explained by Aenor.

If you are in front of the need to make a work of this kind, it is important to know which companies and materials that comply with this policy. Security is an important aspect that it is only achieved with quality products.

Grup Fábregas is a specialist in this type of works, so that our sanitation materials and enclosure equipped with all the necessary guarantees and therefore are perfect for any enclosure and sanitation project.

In our online catalog, you can select this quality standard as a filter, to quickly view which of our products comply with this policy, both in ductile as in other products (grills and covers composite, bio-healthy sport elements, concrete premanufactured and other products for parks and gardens).

Innovation, resistance and planning

Grup Fábregas is characterized by a continuous work of innovation, which has allowed us to achieve high quality products, which help you to achieve the best result in each one of the projects in which we participate.

The resistence of our materials make them perfect for equipment works for the urban routes; we adapt to any work with the best guarantees.

Planning is another of our strong points and one of the most valued by our customers when it comes to initiate and develop the process of construction. A good prior approach is the key to make a better work and achieve better results with a lower cost.

Getting the best results in your works is at your fingertips thanks to our catalog of products that comply with the UNE EN 124 standard.