Nowadays, all the closing devices and coverage of sinks, manholes and chests of inspection to be installed in areas subject to movement must comply with the standard UNE EN 124. For this reason, it is essential to check that the products comply with the rules and that they are suitable for the needs at the time of purchase.

The classes, a key concept

clases norma une en 124This European legislation establishes a classification according to the use that they are going to give to the products. There are six classes, consisting of a letter and a number. The first, the A – 15, covers all products used in green areas, step of pedestrians and cyclists.

The remaining, B to F, classify products according to the loads of breakage:

B – 125: for pedestrian zones and sidewalks, with a breaking load of up to 12.5 T.

C – 250: for maples and car parks, with a breaking load of up to 25 T.

D – 400: for normal and heavy circulation, with a breaking load of up to 40 T.

E – 600: for areas that have to bear a heavy rolling load, such as the port, with a breaking load of up to 60 T.

F – 900: for airports, with a breaking load of up to 90 T.

What it is offered

All our products comply with the standard required, and specify the class to which it belongs each product, both in our printed catalogs and in the virtual product catalog of Fábregas . On the web, in addition include this specification in the tab of each product, we have established a filter that allows you to view only those that belong to the class that you need.

Through our catalogs, therefore, we intend to expedite and facilitate the search for products that your business needs, with the security of knowing if you are purchasing the product adapted to the needs and accepted by the European regulations.