With the bumps and the road reducers, the speed of traffic is controlled, making it slower and making the road a safer place for both vehicles and pedestrians. In Grup Fabregas we manufacture road reducers of two different types to adapt to your needs, which we will discuss below.

Grup Fabregas speed reducers

According to the current regulations, the placement of bumps in the public roads are used to reduce the speed of traffic and increase safety in pedestrian traffic areas, intersections, etc.

This means, they are installed in those places where it is necessary that there is low speed and that must be maintained along the track. In our company we have two types of bumps of different measures.

On the one hand, the RE-1 speed reducer, with a central section of recycled rubber with reflective bands. Its measures are 405x505x50 mm.

On the other hand, the RE-2 speed reducer is larger, made of recycled rubber with reflective bands and its measures are 600x470x30 mm.

These speed reducers are normally installed in residential, school and urban areas, in addition to low-speed ones with heavy traffic and pedestrian crossings, cyclists, etc.

Grup Fabregas speed reducers

In Grup Fabregas we put at your disposal all our experience and our products to provide you with quality solutions in any case that comes your way.

Thanks to our speed reducers you will be able to control the traffic and speed of the track on where they are installed, providing greater safety for everyone.

If you have any questions or you want to ask us for more information about our speed reducers or other products, you can also contact us.