Ductile smelting is a type of alloyed smelt iron with graphite. It has great hardness and resistance to all kinds of external agents. In Grup Fabregas we are experienced professionals in ductile smelting, specially dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of covers, sewerage grates and canalizations of sanitation networks.

In this article we will talk about the applications of the ductile smelting products.

For what things can we use the ductile smeling?

Although it may not seem so, a large part of the ductile smelting production is used for the manufacture of pipes for lines of drinking water or sewage water. One of the advantages that ductile smelting has is that its resistance allows that it does not need addition of protections to be installed.

Also, this type of production is used for sewer covers and scuppers, because it is a material that supports very well the weight of vehicles that pass over.

In the automotive sector it is used in different elements that require a major resistance than aluminum or steel. It is also a type of material that it is used for the manufacture of wind turbines.

Smelting uses

All those figures that need weight loads are manufactured with ductile smelting because it provides durability, safety and resistance.

In some cases, ductile smelting is also used for the manufacture of steel plates for pianos.

Grup Fabregas’ ductile smelting products

In our company, we manufacture all kinds of products in ductile smelting, among them,  the following stand out:

  • Kerb Gullys
  • Scuppers
  • Grates (water cut, scuppers, with channels)
  • Hydraulic, telecommunications and telephony manhole covers.
  • Registry rings
  • Trap doors and gully traps

If you need to know more things about our ductile smelting products and our work, you can contact us. We will answer you without commitment.