Whether you have to decorate a public or private garde, you should surely have to make a composition where you can place resting areas. We want to explain to you through this article why it is so beneficial to opt for wooden benches for the decoration of outdoor spaces.

Why choose wooden benches

Below are we give you some notes on the many arguments in favor of wooden benches:

First of all, this material has the ability to combine with other decorative and functional elements of the space: flower boxes, swings, bins, pergolas… So it is fully adaptable to the garden. In addition, in Grup Fabregas we have a wide range of wooden benches from Guinea, tropical, technical, etc. Each material, color or design is designed so you can accommodate it to the decorative touch you prefer.

Secondly, they are characterized by having a great durability to the different weather conditions, making it more difficult for them to suffer damage or cracking due to the rain, heat, snow…

However, as each type of wood has different characteristics, it is important they have the right treatment.And, because the wood has a lower thermal conductivity than other materials, the benches never become very cold in winter or very hot in the summer.

Finally, it is an ecological bet because they have their origin and end in nature. It is a recyclable component, with infinite uses. This point reinforces the warmth of the space because humans feel comfortable among natural materials.

Ventajas de los bancos de madera

In short, there are many the benefits of choosing wooden benches.

In Grup Fabregas we design and produce them with legs and armrests in aluminum cast iron, which ensure great stability and resistance.

We invite you to know our online catalog of wooden benches in infinite styles and sizes.

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