Depending on who transits a urban space can find more or less accessibility difficulties: it is not the same go up and down easily the ladder or save kerb gullies on foot than having to do it with reduced mobility. Therefore, there are currently elements that can help make urban spaces much more accessible to all, facilitating a much more positive coexistence in cities. In the article that we are dealing with, we explain what those elements are.

Accessibility Urban Elements

There are various urban elements of accessibility that we can find in the cities. Among them, we highlight the following ones:

  • Urban elements, especially the ones that have to do more directly with the infrastructure of the streets and roads: sidewalks, ramps, pedestrian walkways… This whole set, well-conditioned for a proper accessibility, can significantly improve life in cities for people with reduced mobility.
  • Urban Furniture. The situation of these elements can cause a very significant improvement in the accessibility of the city. the urban furniture includes benches, bins, fountains and anything that can be found in the streets, parks or gardens. It is essential the attention and the use that we give to this furniture to be of real help.
Accesibility in cities

Enabled spaces. The parks and the gardens are spaces that contain resources and elements that can help not only to the accessibility, but also carry out specific exercises to people with reduced mobility. The biohealthy elements that we offer from Grup Fábregas are one of the most used options in these spaces and they do more solidarity those areas for people with difficulties of mobility.

From Grup Fábregas we offer you all type of accessibility solutions for the cities. Contact us to request more information about this.