Every year, traffic accidents end the lives of many citizens. The most regrettable part is that most of these are avoidable. For this reason, the municipalities plan the incorporation of all possible urban equipment to prevent accidents from happening.

Although the human factor influences, there is still a long way to improve in the conception of roads and busy roads.

From the blog of Grup Fábregas, this month we talk about 3 essential elements to collaborate with better road safety.

The influence of the urban equipment on reducing traffic accidents

Equipamiento de playas, tarea postvacacional de ayuntamientos

Below we explain the three component of equipment that have the greatest importance in the circulation of vehicles, as well as their main functions:

1. Decelerators or speed reducers. As their name suggests, its goal is to force the driver to slow down the gear of the driving vehicle. They are made of rubber and have reflective bands to be able to perceive them even from great distances. However, it should be noted that they must be willing so that they cannot be dodged, which would pose another threat to road safety.

2. Bollards. They consist of vertical obstacles that rise from the ground. Generally, they hover around the meter in height, although it depends on each model. They are used to delimit the road of any other area, such as car parks or pedestrian walks. In addition, it prevents parking on sidewalks and other prohibited spaces.

3. Bike lane separators. In the event of an accident, it is clear that cyclists are more likely to have a fatal traffic accident. That is why it is imperative to protect them. These separators are intended to delimit the road bike lanes, allowing free and safe driving. In upcoming blog articles we will tell you all about how to assemble them for the best results.

At Grup Fábregas we care about the road safety of your city, which moves us to work on the best solutions in urban equipment. Contact us to learn more.