If you are looking for wooden benches for functional outer and ergonomic, your solution can be the MODO 08 of Grup Fabregas, a wooden bench for parks that by their characteristics, adapt perfectly to different environments.

Wooden ergonomic benches

The balance between height and depth of the seat, as well as the angle of the backrest, convert the MODO 08 on one of the more comfortable benches on the market.

Benches for functional outer

The relationship between the size of the benches with the sections of their structural parts provide a balanced design that gives to MODO 08 a feeling of lightness and at the same time of robustness.

Benches for adaptable parks

The design of the MODO 08 and the easy placement in any location promote their adaptability in any environment: thanks to their lightness, are not heavy nor become the protagonist if they are placed in a disordered way in relation to the vegetation; on the other hand, if they are installed in an orderly manner and structured, they assume the protagonism of a great character piece, a result of their robustness.


Due to these three conditions, the MODO 08 is a piece of urban furniture that enables its integration in different environments, assumes different possibilities of usage and, depending on their management, it helps to create more classic airs or more contemporary depending on what each environment needs.

MODO 08 on the ground

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