Children spend much of their time playing in playgrounds, even more in summer season, that is why it is necessary that these meet certain measures to prevent accidents and to avoid dangerous situations. In the following lines we explain to you what a playground should have and we take a look to our products.

Grup Fabregas’ products for playgrounds

It is undeniable that security is one of the most important points that we take into account when we consider how a playground should be. For this reason, installing rubber floors, with damping and shock absorption complying with European 1177 Regulations which is important to ensure that the little ones will be safe at all times in case of falling or tripping.

To delimit the infantile spaces, we have three types of fences: english type, of pine wood, of stabilized polyethylene against UV rays and very manageable for all type of spaces, and the Paris type, made in steel with anchors by underrun.

Playground products

These are not the only things we have in Grup Fabregas in terms of playground facilities. We manufacture benches in both polyethylene and wood with different styles and designs to adapt the aesthetics and the functionalities of the playground.

Also, we manufacture fountains, among which you can choose the style that best suits the space and the one that allows a unified view by the same design to catch the view of both small and old and create a joint harmony.

Bins are an essential element also in every playground. It is important that there is no waste on the ground and every single space can dispose of a place to throw in all type of waste. With this idea, we have bins of all designs and with different characteristics.

In addition, in Grup Fabregas we have bollards, flower boxes, tree grills and other products to complete the design of the playgrounds. If you need information, you can contact us.