We call the drain grate the place where the water are added, as indicated by the word itself. Human beings have studied this model of nature to adapt it to the needs of the city and improve our current quality of life. In this article we want to tell you what its origin and usefulness is in our day to day.

Drain grates have their origin in nature

When we talk about drain grates we mean natural drains that appear in limestone, as they filter the water (usually from rains) that gradually feeds the underground rivers. Such underground rivers feed aquifers, so their function is very important.

Some examples can be found in the Dead Sea drains, in Zacatón (Mexico), Bimmah… among others.

Imitating the natural model, in Grup Fábregas we manufacture artificial drains  in cast iron. This structure prevents streets from flooding due to heavy rains, as it drains water from sidewalks and roads.

Although it is a common element in the urban landscape, it is important to note, as they reinforce the safety of drivers and pedestrians by preventing alluvial catastrophes.

Among the models we offer, there are different measures of cover and also of tube diameter, so that you can adapt it at all times to the needs of your project. They are characterized by their high strength, durability and safety. There are different cover designs and its finish is black asphalt paint.

¿Para qué sirven los sumideros?

In our website you can consult our catalog of drain grates, where you will also check that our products comply with the unstandard UNE EN 124, a great guarantee of quality.

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