Among the most important elements that must be available to citizens are water fountains. It is especially useful to be located in parks or crowded areas, as well as walk paths where physical activity is usual.

However, one of the concerns of users is the hygienic conditions of the fountains. Some are concerned about microbes and possible infections in the taps due to dogs drinking directly from the tap by the direction of their owners. In the other position, the masters claim that the cans also need to be hydrated.

In Grup Fábregas we have designed a water fountain that satisfies both postures, and we present them to you through this article.

Minus Dog V-102D Water fountain

The Minus Dog V-102D water fountain is composed of steel and stainless steel. Its design allows it to be recessed if desired, as it has small holes of 6mm to screw it.

As for the surface finish, the body part is painted in Martelé and the bucket has a satin appearance.

But, without any doubt, the most important feature is that it counts with two pushbutton taps. We could say that it is a double Z-shaped fountain.

At the bottom, there is a dog drinker that must be activated by a pushbutton. And the top part has a faucet only aimed to the human public.

Minus Dog V-102D Water fountain

This solution satisfies all users and it is an ideal option to be placed in all kinds of public spaces.Many town halls have decided to incorporate water fountains for human and canine consumption and it is already a reality in cities like Barcelona.

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