Citizens feeling safe when they walk down the street is something fundamental and an aspect that any city raises. Therefore, to reinforce security has become an essential point within the citizen`s coexistence and one of the ways to be able to comply with this fact is through the use of urban furniture as a safety element.

Increase of the safety with urban furniture

Terrorist actions are suffering a drastic change in their way of developing. For that reason, it is important to protect the citizens from any kind of attack that may occur in the streets of the city. There are already many places where measures are being taken to prevent the access to vehicles to certain areas.

In Grup Fábregas we are provided with a large number of furniture that can be used as a safety element in crowded areas by pedestrians carrying out a decorative and functional function at the same time.

  • The flower boxes are basic elements both to provide a pleasant atmosphere to any urban space, as well as to use them as a safety element. In Grup Fábregas we manufacture smelting gardeners, robust to be able to prevent access to areas where pedestrians are particularly important.
  • Bollards are another fundamental element in safety, especially when they are combined with some other type of urban furniture. They are resistant and also have differents finishes to match with the aesthetics of the place in which they are installed.
  • Bins, although they may not seem to be, are also an active part of the urban safety furniture. In particular, the Grup Fábregas antibomb bins allow the interior to be seen and, thus can alert at any time of any type of strange content.
Urban furniture

Much of Europe’s cities are already being adapted and reinforced by urban safety furniture. In Grup Fábregas we always provide the best options to guarantee pedestrian streets free of danger.

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