It is currently in force a new Law on Accessibility for people with disabilities and their proper integration. However, in urban environments in many occasions we find that there are no items to help these people to have access to certain types of places. Then we make a review of the accessibility elements to the urban environment that Grup Fabregas has at its disposal.

The urban space and its accessibility elements

  • Urban furniture. One of the most important elements for the correct accessibility is the urban furniture. It is composed by benches, bins, kiosks, fountains, gardens, etc. A correct use of this type of resources and a good situation will help the correct accessibility.
  • Urban elements. If the urban furniture was one of the most important resources, urban elements are even more. This set is composed by the sidewalks, ramps, curbs, walkways, tree grates, etc. The importance of this element lies in its functionality at the time of accessing the public road.
  • Urban spaces. This group is constituted by the parks and gardens. Within these spaces also reside other elements such as the urban furniture. In this way, with a correct optimization of space and resources, it can be transformed into more accessible places than they already are.

From Grup Fabregas we seek to integrate all these elements in the environment so that all public space is accessible to those people who has it more difficult. Our products are made of the best quality, seeking always to optimize resources and create spaces that help people. You can have a look at all our products in the catalog.

In addition, if you have any questions or you need information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, without commitment, through our form or our phone.