How many times has it happened to us that we walked along a path and we did not find a single bin in all the way. It also happens that the bin is located in a crowded square and is filed with four objects. Bins are essential to keep the environment clean, and this article wants to talk about its importance.

Benefits of the bins

In the introduction of this article, we highlighted very frequent events of our every day: non-existent bins in some sections or in most of the bins that cannot afford the amount of waste that we introduce in them.


The utility of a bin is given by its material, its capacity and its durability. And not only that, there are extremely useful objects to prevent the garbage from being left on the ground and also that no disease spreads, since employees in waste management collects what is in them every day.


If we use them correctly, we can decrease the number of cigarettes on the ground. In Grup Fábregas we manufacture bins with option with ashtray and switched off cigarettes, we emphasize especially the following models:

Ibiza plastic bin

Ibiza Plastic Bin. It is a model manufactured in Polyethylene with UV protection.

  • The capacity is up to 80 liters.
  • Includes switched off cigarettes.
  • Available in different colours (red, blue, yellow, green, grey)
Barcelona bin

Barcelona Bin with ashtray is a circular bin-ashtray.

The diameter measures 60 centimeters.

  • Its design includes an ashtray on top of it.
  • The product is galvanized and painted in epoxy
  • In a pearl grey tone.

In Grup Fábregas we design to cover different needs, you can ask us about our bins for parks and gardens.

If you want to solve any doubt, you can ask us for more information via e-mail, by phone or from the website.