When we drive through the city, we are sometimes assaulted by concerns when safeguarding the integrity of our vehicles, our own and the street furniture. This is due to the fact that, in most cases, the protection elements that are placed on the sidewalks and streets are made of heavy materials to avoid the passage and stop a possible major damage.

However, in parking areas, for example, you can count on elements that fulfill a double function: on the one hand they absorb any type of blow that may occur and, on the other hand that do not provoke or suffer large-scale damages.

We refer to the Barcelona Flexbook Bollards of Grup Fabregas.

These are flexible bollards made of polyurethane with two reflective strips that help identify them at any time of the day. In the event of a collision, these bollards absorb the impacts of the vehicles and recover their original position without damaging themselves and without damaging the collided object.

Other advantages that characterize this type of bollards is that they have an anchor point by embedment, do not split, deform or oxidize because they are made with resistant and high durability materials, and they do not need maintenance.

Polyurethane bollards that absorb shocks

In addition, they successfully resist the sun’s rays, so that their color is not degraded with the time.

This type of bollards can be installed in parks and gardens where there can be momentary traffic of vehicles, to complete the safety of the area.

In Grup Fabregas we work with the best materials to manufacture durable, reliable and quality products. We are endorsed by a long history in the sector and the guarantee, quality, service and meticulousness with which we work on each product.

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