Wherever we go, we will always find in some corner a park in which there are certain items for the games of the smaller ones, like swings or seesaws. In other cases, if they are larger surfaces, the structures will be much more extensive and varied.

For this reason, in Fábregas we want to expose the different elements of infantile’s games that we offer.

Juegos y parques infantiles - Zona de juegos
  • Carousels. With a steel structure and a support platform, it will delight the little ones in their play hours.

  • Swings. We have a great variety on swings. From the Parc-11-AT, which includes two chained seats, passing through the Parc-11-2 mixed swing, with one of the rubber seats, to the Nido swing, which offers services for children with reduced mobility.

  • Multiactivity structures. For the wider areas, we offer different sets to adapt to what you really want. Take a look to our catalog for more information of these items.

  • Slides. Elements of the parks by excellence. We offer different types and sizes for the different ages.

  • Pyramids and climbing walls. Pyramids of different heights and sizes and climbing walls imitating the vowels that will delight the small climbers.

  • Springs and rockers. Shaped as a dolphin, rabbit, dog, motorbike… You will find a great variety in our catalog dedicated to these items, also essential in any game area

  • Accessories. In addition, we also offer informative posts, billboards and other accessories so that the play area is fully detailed.

In Fabregas we offer you the best service and the best products, always guaranteeing the safety and comfort of those to whom they are addressed to.

In addition, we guarantee quality products. You can take a look at our Urban plastic catalog here

We seek the perfection in every detail, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you want some information. We will answer you delighted.