When we walk through the streets of the city or along some parks, there are a lot of elements that we can overlook but that they have a great importance in the environment and in the whole space. One of those elements in any urban space are the bins, which they fulfil functions of general interest. Due to their importance, Grup Fabregas will dedicate the following article to talk about bins for parks and gardens.

Bins as a fundamental element in urban spaces

Bins are one of the most important elements in the urban area as well as in any park or garden that can be appreciated. Thanks to them, we can keep the spaces clean of garbage and waste. In addition, they do not only fulfill this type of practical functionality, but they can also be useful as a decorative element more within the space in which they are installed.

In Grup Fabregas we have an extensive catalogue of bins of any type in order to be able to adapt to the needs of every space in particular and to achieve the balance between functionality and decoration that is searched in many urban spaces and green areas.
Among the bins that we manufacture in Grup Fabregas, we can highlight different models.

One of them is the Scuderia model, really functional and, at the same time, decorative. Thanks to its manufacture in polyethylene, it provides strength and the touch of color that the customer requires, as they are available in different colors.

Another model that we can enjoy, especially in the city, is the Barcelona bin. It has circular shape and is folding, manufactured of perforated plate. It is galvanized and painted with epoxy for an optimal finishing.

Grup Fabregas Bins

If we are looking bins for parks and green areas, we can also opt for the Canada, Margarida or Salou bins, among others. They are made of wood and they blend really well with spaces in which nature is the protagonist.

In addition, to win in safety, we have Antibomb bins, in which we can see the inside of them.

If you need any type of advice or to know more about our products, you can contact us.