Protecting public health is a priority in every city. One of the essential means of preventing potential infectious diseases is the sanitation of cities. To achieve this, different elements are required, among which are the composite covers and frames of Fabrekompo.

We will dedicate this article to tell you more about its production process in Grup Fábregas.

What is composite?

First, it is important to know what the composite is. When we talk about composite we mean a compound -as the same word indicates- of different elements that, together, they provide greater properties than those they have separately. These are two o more synthetic elements that are mixed heterogeneously.

Secondly, we remind you that from Grup Fábregas we have conceived the brand Fabrekompo, specialized in this type of material. The following items are part of its catalogue:

  • Scupper grates
  • Grates with channels
  • Hydraulic manhole covers
  • Telecommunications manhole covers
  • Registry manhole covers and rings

Of the latter, the registry manhole covers and rigs, we have 3 different classes.

The manufacturing process of composite manhole covers

Our production is developed and optimized responsibly. Each of the stages is carried out according to the standards necessary to achieve our ultimate goal: a quality product that really improves the sanitation of the cities.

We attach a gallery which you can see in detail both the mold and the thermostable resin injection machine in our production plant.

Fabrekompo composite manhole covers for city sanitation

The bottom line is that sanitation is a right of all citizens. From Grup Fábregas we contribute by putting at your disposal a wide catalog of composite manhole covers.

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