Recently, Fábregas has participated in the project “Tarragona, Vila Florida”, in collaboration with the Conselleria de Parcs i Jardins. Our contribution has consisted on supplying and installing the ALVIUM gardeners, 100% recyclable.

This spring the schools of Tarragona, especially those certified as a Green School, will receive three gardeners from the mentioned collection in different sizes and colors. Thus, they will participate in the collaborative plantations.

We are pleased to be part of urban plans that aim to promote sustainability. In the next few lines we will expand more details about the project.

What is “Tarragona, Vila Florida”?

Viles Florides is an initiative promoted by the CHOC (Confederation of Ornamental Horticulture of Catalonia) that promotes respect for the environment and the sustainability of towns and cities.

Before awarding this title, the jury values the landscape and plant heritage, taking into account variables such as floral diversity, species selection, landscape integration or the resources allocated to its maintenance, among others.

This way, the effort that each City Council is putting into an ecological transformation of the town or city is publicly evaluated.

Since 2020, Tarragona is part of the renowned Viles Florides being, moreover, the largest and most relevant in the entire Autonomous Community. In addition, last September it was awarded with 3 flowers of honor, an award that values the city’s efforts to improve urban spaces.

If you want to read the press release of the Tarragona City Council, click on this link.

In Grup Fábregas we investigate the most environmentally friendly materials to offer real solutions in the ecological bets of urban equipment. We manufacture environmentally friendly product lines because we want to be part of projects like “Tarragona, Vila Florida”. We put our experience and know-how at the service of sustainable transformation.