In Grup Fábregas we are specialized in urban equipment and composite materials. However, we also have a division of the company dedicated especially to the manufacture of gratings and manhole covers in composite materials. In case you didn’t know, our Fabrekompo family has these elements and many more. Below we explain what we can offer you.

The Fabrekompo catalogue of Grup Fabregas

Los productos del catálogo Fabrekompo de Grup Fabregas están fabricados en resinas termoestables combinadas con tejidos de refuerzo. Cumplen estrictamente con las normas UNE-EN 124-1:2015 y UNE-EN 124-5:2015 y son realmente resistentes a los ambientes más difíciles y condiciones extremas.

The Fabrekompo catalogue products of Grup Fabregas are made of thermostable resins combined with reinforcement tissues. They strictly comply with the standards UNE-EN 124-1: 2015 and UNE-EN 124-5: 2015 and they are really resistant to most difficult environments and extreme conditions.

Among our products for urban equipment in composite materials, we must highlight particularly scupper grates, the grates with channels, the hydraulic manhole covers and the registry manhole covers and rings.

The scupper grates are elements made in different measures, usually of 550 x 450 millimeters with a height of 70. Its dimension of step is 300 millimeters.


The Fabrekompo catalogue of Grup Fabregas

In regard to hydraulic manhole covers, we have six different categories which are manufactured in composite materials. Each one of them has determined measures so they are able to adapt perfectly to the needs of each case.

The manhole covers and rings, on the other hand, are divided into three different categories that also differ among themselves.

Finally, as for grilles with channels, you can choose between channel and grate of composite materials. They are made with polyethylene and polyamide reinforced with fiberglass to provide the necessary strength.

All Grup Fabregas products are manufactured with the idea to withstand inclement weather and corrosive effects that may occur in sewage environments. This is the reason why we use the best materials and the most resistant ones to cope with any inconvenience.

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