The presence of bins as urban furniture for parks and gardens constitutes the perfect example in terms of actions to prevent a severe environmental impact. Installed in the right places helps to reduce pollution and sometimes to take advantage of the content for recycling processes. In Grup Fabregas we have special bins for parks and gardens and in this article we provide useful information.

The bins of Grup Fabregas

In our company we manufacture quality bins with which we intend to meet the needs required in both public and private spaces. We have a large number of different models, among which we emphasize:

Spiral bin C-2016

Spiral Bin C-2016. It is a model made of galvanized steel sheet. It has a removable inner bucket with a capacity up to 65 liters. It is a Martele color type and it is painted with epoxy in the oven.

Portalo bin C-2001

Portalo Bin C-2001. This bin is also made of galvanized steel sheet, with the same characteristics that we have seen in the Spiral mode. However, it has a different design, although it is also suitable for placing them in parks and gardens.

Arcoiris bin C-2012

Arcoiris bin C-2012. This model is very different from the previous two, both in design and manufacturing. On the one hand, it has a folding hat and is made of steel. It has a box-holding ring and is galvanized and painted in baked epoxy.

Our designs include different needs, so you can ask us about everything we can offer you in terms of park and garden bins.

You can ask for all the necessary information through this website, email or by contacting us on the phone. We will gladly attend you and provide you with all the data you require about any of the products.

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