If there is an extracurricular activity preferred by all children, we are sure of what it is: the park. None of them escape its charms. No long time they have been inside, they always find it insufficient. Have you ever wondered why? The experts say that slides, swings rockers and all kinds of children’s games have a great benefit in their social, physical and psychological development of the little ones.

General advantages of parks

Socially, parks help children relate to other children. Thus, they overcome shyness and fear of the unknown while they learn to share and to be patient.

In addition, neural connections are increased during recreation, so their mental capacity improves. Specifically, the motor and sensory system are stimulated in the parks.

Likewise, as they are entertained, the little ones jump, run and climb inadvertently all the time and that has a positive impact on their cardiovascular activity. In addition, the design of children’s games helps them strengthen their limbs.

What you did not know about slides

In particular, slides force the children to face their fear (of falling). Seeing that they have overcome it and also enjoyed the process, their self-esteem is strengthened and they gain confidence. It also helps to improve their balance so they do not slip while climbing. And the fact that they release themselves in different ways has a positive impact on their posture, as they strengthen different muscle groups.

Toboganes y zonas de juegos infantiles

After reading this article you may see the slides and the rest of children’s games with different eyes. In Grup Fábregas we believe in the importance of parks for children’s development, and we have a wide catalog in all kinds of children’s games.

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