We have just achieved a great achievement and we want to share it with our customers: our desire to manufacture two ranges of street furniture made from urban and maritime waster has already become a reality. And we celebrate it by bringing to the market 2 new lines of benches and bins in recycled plastic, specially, polyethylene.

ECO-OCEAN RANGE, from plastic waste collected from the sea

The MAVERIK ECO OCEAN bench and the IBIZA ECO OCEAN bin are made with plastic waste from the sea.

One of the hallmarks of this range is that it does not need any maintenance. In addition, they are designed with the sustainability of cities in mind.

For example, they promote the circular economy since it has not been necessary to extract raw material by conventional means, but has been obtained through the collection of waster from the sea.

Mainly, we highlight these 3 advantages:

  • 100% recyclables
  • Made with plastic waste
  • No maintenance required

ECO – URBAN RANGE, plastic waste from the city

Unlike the previous range, the MAVERIK ECO URBAN bench and the IBIZA ECO URBAN bin are made of plastic waste from urban waste.

They come from the city to reintegrate into the urban environment, but this time in the form of benches and bins that have similar features: they are 100% recyclables and do not require maintenance.

Design for the sustainability of cities, they promote the circular economy to consolidate a city model whose urban component extend its life cycle.

From Grup Fábregas we take a step forward with the sustainable development of urban furniture elements that align with our values.

We cannot postpone our consumption habits and city planning any longer. To build the tomorrow we all desire, the collective responsibility is to start now.

If you want to know more about the new benches and bins made of recycled plastic, contact us.

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