In more than one city we have seen how some of the parks are complemented with biohealthy elements that are used for exercising, especially for the elder people. These machines are really useful to promote a healthy life in the cities and in the following article we explain why.

Healthy sporting elements: all advantages

Grup Fábregas has a wide range of healthy sporting elements that help to promote a healthy lifestyle among the population. By installing this type of machinery, we make an investment in health and for the benefit of the community.

On the one hand, people have access to these elements in a completely free way, so they have the convenience of doing the exercise when they want to do it. On the other hand, this machinery is easy to maintain and promotes a healthy lifestyle, thus helping to reduce health costs allowing the elder population to get in shape.

Healthy sporting elements

Our range of biohealthy elements allows to install various machines that help to the correct development of the limbs and basic functions of the body: strength, elasticity and resistance. Through the mechanic exercises, different areas such as the arms, hips, back or legs are stimulated.

In addition, for people that want to do outdoor exercise, we also have Street Workout elements to work different areas of the body through exercises like pushups, abdominals or a varied circuit with bars. These are elements widely used by the younger people, to tone and strengthen the muscles, as well as used by the older people, to increase their resistance and strength.

Whatever the need, in Grup Fábregas we provide the solutions you need at any time to meet any specific requirements and continue to encourage healthy living in cities.

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