The term “Street Workout” describes street training. This sport has increasingly become adepts, because it does not require the payment of fees in any gym, and above this, it can be practised outdoors alone or with friends.

Origin of the Street Workout

This sports discipline was born in Brooklyn (USA) where the precariousness of life and salaries, and the lack of resources for people, prevented them from joining gyms. These pioneers of sports in cities, used all kind of elements of urban furniture to achieve good results. Currently, there is no need to use benches and street lamps from the parks, as the training spaces in the street are becoming more frequent due to their growing popularity.

The Street Workout: What is it?

This sport is increasingly visible in cities.

More and more areas are equipped for people to take care of their health quickly and easily, and in addition, these elements integrate perfectly into the environment, in our catalog you will find many combinations.

With the Street Workout you can choose which individual exercise perform and how to set up your own workout and exercise routine

La moda de practicar deporte en la calle

Main objectives of the Street Workout

The main goal is to try to achieve the highest muscle concentration with proper body alignment, but that is not all. We can also find the following objectives:

  • It helps combat sedentary lifestyle among the younger population.
  • It improves lifestyle habits and makes them healthy.
  • It improves the self-esteem and confidence of the people who practice it.
  • It promotes values of integration, equality and sportsmanship among the population.
  • With Street Workout machines we can improve different areas of our bodies.
La moda de practicar deporte en la calle

In Grup Fábregas we work on the installation of this type of sports spaces, ensuring a long durability of the products thanks to the use of resistant and high quality materials. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us without any commitment.