The ornamentation of public spaces can be, in many cases, a way to give a touch of design and functionality. For this reason Grup Fabregas presents its Urban Plastic collection, from which we give you all the details below.

The Urban Plastic catalog by Grup Fabregas

  • Urban benches. The plastic benches for gardens and parks are ecological and respectful with the environment. Manufactured in polyethylene of the best quality, they offer high levels of resistance and are treated to withstand solar radiation and degradation in the most humid environments. They do not show oxidation and have an anti-graffiti treatment that is very easy to clean. In addition, they can be found in different colors to give even more life to the environment.

  • Bins. Our polyethylene bins are presented in different designs and sizes, to be able to adapt to the needs of each environment with ease. They are very resistant and economic, in addition to being available in different colors. Their capacities range between 60 and 80L. Likewise, we also have a special range of Lucentum litter bins made of high density polyethylene, ideal for outdoor use and with treatment against solar radiation.

  • Planters. Similar to the elements mentioned above, our planters bring a touch of color to outdoor environments and great resistance. Available in different sizes.

  • Fountains. Our Alvium fountains are manufactured with medium density polyethylene, specially designed for outdoor environments and with treatment against solar radiation. They have two taps for greater comfort and come in different colors.

  • Bollards. The Grup Fabregas bollards, like the rest of the elements of the Urban Plastic range, are made of polyurethane or polyethylene, the former having complete flexibility, while the latter enjoy partial flexibility.