The interest of the Municipalities in turning urban areas into green spaces is increasingly evident. One of the most common strategies is the reduction of car traffic through pedestrian areas where gardeners are included.

However, knowing how to integrate them into public spaces can be challenging. That is why, in this month’s article we provide you some inspiring ideas and tell you more about its benefits.

Consider its context

All gardeners are characterized by their ability to include more plants, flowers, schrubs and trees in the urban landscape. Many experts highlight the advantages of adding gardeners to the city landscape: it improves the air quality, reduces the pollution and also the stress of citizens. In addition, the vegetation absorbs traffic noise, giving way to quieter and more relaxing walks.

However, it is to be taken into account where they are located. The gardeners can be of different sizes, shapes and materials. In this article we have prepared a selection of 3 types of the most sold gardeners due to their vesatility:

  • Newport model. It is characterized by its rounded shape (with a diameter of 600mm). It mixes different materials such as galvanized steel for its interior, stainless steel skirt at the bottom and the one that is most visible: autoclave pine wood slats. This combination adapts the classic and the modern, making it suitable for the renovation of central neighborhoods.
  • Futura model. An economical and modern bet made with high quality polyethylene. This material has almost zero maintenance, as it has no oxidation problems, it is anti grafittis and resists to uv rays. It has been designed for new neighborhoods and areas with modern buildings that break the established canons.
Jardinera Newport

Also, it is worth highlighting its color variety: you can order it in orange, acid gree, dark green, red, blue, steel blue, yellow…

  • Cube model (500x500x500). Made of sheet steel and epoxy paint coating. Its fun design makes it ideal for playgroung areas.

These are just only a few suggestions, but in the catalog of our website you can find a wide variety of models.

In addition to public areas, gardeners are suitable for other private urban spaces.

If you would like more information about this product or want to place your order, please contact us.