In countless occasions we have seen near our home or around our neighborhood a park with different elements to make smooth exercise, specially dedicated to seniors. In this case, we talk about elements for bio-healthy parks that we have in Grup Fábregas.

The attractive bio-healthy parks

This type of spaces exerts very positive effects in terms of toning, coordination and cardiovascular maintenance through a series of machines that allow to perform smooth exercises.

They are specially designed to prevent disease, because thanks to the exercises that can be carried out on the machines, the cholesterol level is reduced, there is an increase in the weight control and reduces the risks of injuries.

Although they are specially intended for the use of seniors, they are recommended for the whole society because they are very safe and easy to use. They are used as a therapeutic, recreational or sporty element.

In addition, the possibility of carrying out the outdoor exercises is good and it offers an alternative to those people who do not want to go to a closed gymnasium.

The attractive bio-healthy parks

The bio-healthy elements of Grup Fábregas

In our company we work to manufacture bio-healthy elements with the best characteristics to adapt to the specific needs of each user. Among them, we can highlight:

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