It is undeniable to say that composite materials have entered the construction sector to revolutionize it. Thanks to them many barriers have disappeared and they have been able to manufacture elements that provide plenty of advantages. Grup Fabregas, as a company experienced in ductile and composite products, explains everything you need to know about this material.

Covers and grates of composite

In our company we carry out works with composite materials, among  which we emphasize:

Normally, these elements are manufactured in concrete or smelting, although what the composite materials contribute are real advantages:

  • Their weight is reduced, so that the workers can carry out the works more easily and quickly when they need to access to sanitation networks.
  • As the elements are not manufactured with certain materials, they are not susceptible to theft as can be the ones manufactured in smelting. This way, problems and accidents that can occur in situations like this, can be avoid.
  • They do not cause noise, because they are perfectly seated on the ground and as they are made in composite, it avoids the sounds that may occur with the traffic each time it passes above.
  • They are very resistant to corrosion and inclement weather.
  • As they are made in composite, they are ecological and environmentally friendly both in its manufacture and in its application.

In Grup Fabregas we try to balance quality with innovation, service and competitivity, so the professionalism is one of the most important points of our company.

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