Composite materials are becoming increasingly important in civil work projects.

In Grup Fabregas we have our own brand: Fabrekompo. The material we use is a combination of two or more synthetic elements that form a heterogeneous mixture. By combining its properties, a material with improved properties is produced in the final result.

Throughout this article we will share some of the benefits of composite materials.

What are the advantages of composite materials?

If we compare these composite materials with those that have traditionally been used in the construction sector, the following improvements are observed:

– As these are anticorrosive materials, they are especially suitable in locations vulnerable to corrosion, such as coastal locations.

– As they are lighter materials, of lower density, transport becomes easier. It also affects other phases of the process such as handling and assembly. As a result, the load of all these phases is reduced.

– They are washable by rain, which makes them suitable for playgrounds or building facades.

Equipamiento de playas, tarea postvacacional de ayuntamientos

– They have the ability to adapt to all kings of geometries and shapes as they are highly moldable materials.

– The final finish can be matte, satin, rough, transparent and more, according to the customer’s requirements.

– They have very good results when it comes to mechanical characteristics such as traction, compression, bending and impact.

– They resist any possible fire as they have low thermal conductivity.

All these characteristics make composite materials included in high quality civil works projects. Through our web catalog you can get to know the variety of products of the Fabrekompo family.

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